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Travis Credit Union, in Fairfield, CA, rejected my EFT auto loan payment and then lied about rejecting it! I noticed a deposit made to my account about 2 weeks after I made my car payment.

I questioned my bank and they told me it was a return EFT payment. When I looked in to it, it turned aout to be my car payment. I called Travis Credit Union and aske what happened. They informed me that they never received a payment from me.

Under the advice of a financial advisor friend, I contacted my bank for the outgoing and returning transaction numbers (which are logged federal financial transaction numbers) and then called Travis Credit Union Back with the additional info. I paid my loan payment again, over the phone, but they have NEVER posted my payment correctly after SEVERAL phone calls. Due to their negligence I ended up paying additional finance charges because the payment posted later in the month. The amount is under $100, but why should I pay any additional amount when I paid my payment in good faith and on time?!

It's been almost 6 months and I still can't get Travis Credit Union to fix their error.

I would suggest banking with GOLDEN 1 if you have the opportunity...Travis C.U. has been a big disappointment.

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:( They are horrible all the way around. I worked there and they always made mistakes that took forever to fix or never at all!

They are also a company I would NEVER recommend anyone to work for! They claim to exercise this FISH philosophy but yeah right!

I never saw that EVER. The management particularly at the Gateway location is unprofessional, rude and not there for their employees...Sorry you had such a bad experience, I'm sure GOLDEN 1 will give you better service, the type of service you deserve!

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